About the Symposium

The symposium is designed to review and redefine the current role and practices of arts education in Hong Kong in order to benefit more and to achieve higher objectives, such as cross-referencing with other fields of knowledge and releasing hidden human potentials.

The idea of “Expanded Field” epitomizes the new trends of arts education in schools nowadays, which is about crossing over with other subjects. Arts education is leading to a more general application of arts to other fields of knowledge or employment of art as a methodology to enhance creative professionalism in all walks of life.
New findings and innovative insights in this connection from local stakeholders as well as international practitioners from Australia, Germany, India and Japan will be shared and collected.

The symposium is open to all who are interested in the topics and are concerned about the development of arts education.

Presented by Hong Kong Art School (a division of Hong Kong Arts Centre), the symposium is made possible with the support and the commission of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


Hong Kong Art School (HKAS), founded in 2000, is a division of the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC). HKAS is an accredited institute staffed by a group of dedicated artists and art educators, who are active and distinguished practitioners in the field. The School’s award-bearing curriculum focuses mainly in the area of Fine Art (Ceramics, Painting, Photography and Sculpture). Its scope covers programmes with academic levels ranging from Higher Diploma to Bachelor Degree and Master Degree. The short programmes and the outreach projects of the School that run parallel to the award-bearing curriculum span a wide variety of artistic disciplines, and genuinely bridge art and the community.

This project is commissioned by the HKADC

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